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SmartOas is the most popular Online Exam Software. Our Online Examination System Software with the best feature, user-friendly & easy to create online exams.


The smartOAS is a smart online Exam Software tool to assess the knowledge and skills of any individual. The original concept of this tool is not new, but after an in-depth research of years, this project is developed to provide a flexible, dynamic tool as a solution to all the assessment related new challenges and ideas.

The parent company Lucid Outsourcing solutions Pvt. Limited has involved in the development on-line products like websites and mobile applications for more than 5 years. Now we have entered into providing services and products from a range of our different online products developed and maintained by our team of experts.


Our mission is to drive the modern society by leveraging digitization to enable a speedy, cost-effective, environment-friendly practices as a culture of dealing the tasks & processes with an ease of understanding and convenience in handling.

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  • SmartOAS: The "Smart On-line Assessment System" is an on-line test management system with various features to fulfill requirement of different industries like education, corporate companies, HR companies, survey and public reviews etc.

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