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About Us


The parent company of SmartOAS is Lucid Outsourcing solutions Pvt. Limited (https://lucidoutsourcing.com) which is now an established name in developing ColdFusion web & mobile application based on customer requirements. The company is committed to innovate new IT products which are UI based, intuitive, and user-friendly. Our company is having an outstanding track record of providing reliable & affordable IT solutions.

The initial steps of the establishment of our venture were started in the year 2012. Thereafter we grew up with our proven track record in the IT industry. Initially, we were introduced as Lucid Solutions and later established as a Private Limited Company in the year 2015. Later on, we grew up as Lucid Outsourcing Solutions Private Limited with our proven track record in the IT industry.

Our mission is to contribute to modern society through leveraging digitization by adopting speedy, cost-effective and environment-friendly practices as a culture.



Easy to control everything

SmartOAS is the most sophisticated, automated online assessment software that is completely made for automating the online exams. SmartOAS gives complete control to tasks related to online exams. This online exam software is secure, adaptable, user-friendly and scalable with no restriction of no. of students/candidates.

Questions bank management

SmartOAS offers questions bank management features to upload in bulks. You can also set the timer facility to conduct test. After the ending of time, the student’s session is automatically ended and his answers are automatically submitted. All the data is 100% secured to save it from unauthorized access.

Simplified Candidate Management

The candidate management process from enrollment to progress reports is very easy to perform with accuracy in SmartOAS. The complete student/candidate details will be stored in the database by the logical grouping. It helps in identifying the attributes related to candidates for further result processing.

Secured by SSL

SmartOAS provides industry-leading SSL certificate encryption to all the online applications which give a smooth flow of information in secure network architecture. The synchronized processing of information makes SmartOAS one-stop destination for all the educational institutes, corporate and HR/recruitment agencies.

Powerful Analysis

SmartOAS provides a comprehensive set of results/reports by using images, graphics, and charts. SmartOAS also shows you the total attempted questions, total correct & incorrect answers for personalized review & feedback for your students/candidates. Powerful reporting & graphical analytics help you in assessing the key performance areas of the students.

Complete authentication

SmartOAS also manages the profile pages for students, faculty members, interview candidates & employees. All important announcements can also be given easily at once by notification facility. All the passwords are stored in a separate database which students/candidates can easily change through their dashboard.

Import & export data

With SmartOAS, you can easily export/import data in popular formats like MS Excel, and Adobe PDF. These facilities are provided for handling all students/candidates details, answer sheets, question sets, result details etc. SmartOAS provides advanced reports and statistics to show potential of a candidate/student as an individual or group.

A White labeled test-taking software solution

In SmartOAS, you get 100% white labeled solution to conduct your online examination, test, quiz for your students/candidates to test their knowledge. SmartOAS gives you the facility of white labeling feature to its clients so that they can use it in their own way. It can increase the goodwill and reputation among their audience and partners.

No fear of cheating

SmartOAS offers everything to conduct an online test in a safe & proctored environment to avoid any impersonation or cheating. It becomes helpful in increasing the clearity of an online examination so that the real performance students and candidates can be evaluated.


Sum Up

Customizable Trusted Software

SmartOAS is a trusted, customizable and automated online assessment and test-taking software for all the educational institutes, organizations, HR agencies. All the exams, tests, assessments can be easily showcased to students and candidates on basis of appropriate course, session, semester, class and subject.

24 X 7 Access Facilities

SmartOAS provides multiple language support and uploading facilities for images and graphics. SmartOAS manages all question set operations like – updating questions, bulk uploading, notifications facility of upcoming exams, detailed analysis of students’ performance, 24 X 7 access facilities.

Ultimate Online Assessment Software

The ultimate motive of our online assessment software is to fulfill the requirement for automating online exams. As an E-learning tool, SmartOAS is useful for both the students and instructors in initiating paperless environment, conducting practice tests, on-spot results & giving in-depth performance analysis of students.