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About SmartOAS

What is online examination software?

Online examination software is an economical and totally web-based online medium to assess the academic performance of the students. This is the cost & time-saving method in the long term. It is very useful to simplify conventional exams and to reduce burden of creating paper based examinations.

An online exam software removes difficulties like – creating handy question sets, registration, checking answer copies, making report-cards etc. SmartOAS provides safe and secure exam environment and keeps data secured for a long period of time. This white-labeled software has no need of other third-party software installations.

Online examination system software helps your institute/recruitment-agency/company to make evaluation easy. By using own credentials, students can use own device with an Internet connection from home or exam centre. It helps your students/candidates for getting prepared in the technical & online environment by providing a user-friendly interface.


What SmartOAS can do for you?

SmartOAS can be used by worldwide educational institutes and businesses because of the following reasons:

  • A powerful tool for all

    SmartOAS is a powerful tool for schools, colleges, universities, coaching centers, recruitment agencies, corporate etc. It helps them in reviewing and tracking the performance of candidates/students/employees. Students/Candidates get a link to the dashboard to sign in, give exam and instantly get the results.

  • Supporting different type of questions

    SmartOAS online examination software easily prepares question sets without any difficulty. Administrators and instructors can easily prepare question sets with many question formats like – MCQs, descriptive type questions, true-false questions etc. All types of questions are inserted with their correct answers.

  • Totally customer reliable

    SmartOAS is the user-interactive, highly reliable, easily manageable and cost-effective web-based online examination software. It gives the students and candidates to access the subject paper within a creative design and rich functionality. An administrator completely owns the system to define their exam pattern.

  • Assessing performance on industry standards

    In companies, NGOs and HR agencies, SmartOAS online examination system is useful in assessing candidates skills by taking pre-employment tests. It protects the data by using the server monitoring with proper tools and internet connectivity. It also provides detailed analytical reports in the graphical representation.

  • Scheduling exams as per individual/group

    SmartOAS also can show the grades and percentage of the students group-wise. The question sets with blended features help you in evaluating students/ candidates on every parameter. Instructors can set the timer facility for any online exams/assessments too and they can also see the grades as per single user or as a group as well.

  • Handles the number of students

    Conducting tests/assessments online gives multiple benefits in the form of quality of exams SmartOAS gives you the independence to conduct tests/assessments on a timely basis for students & candidates. With SmartOAS, you can engage with your audience on any device by the virtue of its responsive nature.

Wrapping Up

In today’s technological era, online assessment software like SmartOAS is the biggest need of educational institutes and Corporate because almost every recruitment and competitive assessments are conducted online. It also creates a competitive environment for students and increases their confidence.

This software is very reliable and robust online examination system which has been very successful in reducing the workload of company officials, manpower requirements, cost and saving time. The complete SmartOAS team is complete innovation based and they introduce new features to make software more compatible with customer needs.

SmartOAS is incredible online examination system software, which is completely prepared according to the needs of an online exam. SmartOAS is useful in handling the information of registered users of multiple competitive exams. It is completely tested, reliable, scalable, fully featured and flexibly tested.

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