The smartOAS is a smart online assessment tool to measure the knowledge and skills of any individual. The concept of this tool is not new, but after an in-depth study, this project is developed to provide a flexible, dynamic tool as a solution to all the assessment related challenges and ideas of the next generation.

The parent company Lucid Outsourcing solutions Pvt. Limited is engaged in the development of online solutions like websites and mobile applications for more than 6 years. Now we have ventured into product development to cater to the different domains of the real world with our team of experts.


Our mission is to contribute to the modern society through leveraging digitization by adopting speedy, cost-effective and environment-friendly practices as a culture.

High Performance Online Exam Software

  • Highly Secure: We use the industry leading SSL security standard. The SmartOAS ensure higher security compared to email or compact disc data transfer.
  • Easy Set-up: Our online exam software is designed for educational institutions, large organizations with a need for knowledge sharing and mass online course providers. Administrators, subject experts, instructors and teachers will find it extremely easy to set-up and design tests.
  • Expert Coaching Tool: SmartOAS offers a superior Question Bank Management system. It is essential for institutions and organizations with an extensive knowledge base and vital knowledge sharing systems.
  • Powerful Analytics: We offer comprehensive reports with multi-level analysis. SmartOAS’s powerful analytics allows you to mine the depth of understanding of the assesee in each subject / module.
  • Easy Results Sharing: Share results easily at the click of a button. Our online exam software dashboard allows you to import and export data in MS Excel, MS Word and PDF formats.