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SmartOas is the most popular Online Exam Software. Our Online Examination System Software with the best feature, user-friendly & easy to create online exams.

SmartOAS is an online examination software developed for educational institutes, NGOs, corporate companies, HR and recruitment agencies. This online exam software is developed for helping our clients to assess their team members, students, candidates by conducting online exams. SmartOAS is the most secure, user-friendly and robust online assessment software which is capable of keeping your data secure and stored for the longest period of time.

If you are -

then SmartOAS is available to help you in keeping yourself ahead of your competitors in every possible way.

  • A student or professional,
  • School/college/coaching center developing a new generation for the new era,
  • Big corporate with high professional aptitude,
  • An NGO trying for a big difference in society,
  • A human resource company continuously engaging for prospects,

Powered by Expertise

This online exam software is developed by Lucid Outsourcing Private Limited (an ISO 9001:2015 certified company), which is well-renowned for developing websites and mobile applications for more than 6 years since 2012. This online test taking software is also useful in maintaining question banks, users & user groups data smoothly which are difficult to maintain, create and develop manually.

Fullfilling traditional requirements with latest techniques

SmartOAS is a complete online assessment software in itself, which provides the complete examination environment free of that old, traditional & complex pen – paper relationship. Questions are asked naturally as traditional examinations by the instructor on any particular topic.

Live customer support

The expert team is available 24 X 7 X 365 for your service and solving your problems via any channel i.e. - phone, email, Skype or live-chat support. It provides the complete data security, up to 100% working server uptime facility & our team of experts is always available to provide technical support to clients whenever they need technical assistance.


Our mission is to contribute to modern society through leveraging digitization by adopting speedy, cost-effective and environment-friendly practices as a culture.

SmartOAS for NGOs and corporate companies

  • Easy to create and maintain question bank based on different subjects, difficulty level, and custom tags.
  • Administrators can decide the access rights of all registered users through SmartOAS so that they can not perform the activities out of their scope.
  • Create user groups and organize the employees as per their departments, post and teams.
  • Detailed reports and result formats to assist in the analytical decision-making process.
  • The paperless process of SmartOAS allows to manage unexpected rush in your campus drives.
  • Reliable database storage and backup mechanism to ensure the safety of all the data for future records.
  • The service support is always given for maintaining the security of question records on cloud infrastructure.

SmartOAS for educational institutes & coaching centers

  • SmartOAS can perform all the student's login & other details, who are going to participate in an online test/assessment.
  • SmartOAS also gives the students the analytical reports to see their performance in the test through their dashboard.
  • Allows creating public tests for students to practice the subject without and any special access rights.
  • Students can also review the upcoming test/assessment information of subjects via their account dashboard.
  • SmartOAS also gives facility to create a routine test/ practice test to measure the knowledge of their students.
  • Allow to create and assign private tests for individual students and specific groups.

SmartOAS for HR companies & recruitment agencies

  • SmartOAS provides the open registration facility of the candidates applying for the job to make it easier.
  • The detailed user profile is easy to manage and very useful for screening.
  • SmartOAS also provides the marks and score setting facility for each of the questions asked in a test series.
  • Instructors can also set negative marking.
  • Multiple result display options based on the requirements of the recruitment drives.
  • The administrators can also manage the time duration for a peculiar test/assessment.
  • The candidate’s data is fully downloadable into excel or CSV format.
  • All the data is completely password protected and secured from unauthorized access.

SmartOAS as a cost-effective online exam management software

  • There are many online examination system software development companies in the national & international markets with costly software but providing fewer features and services. SmartOAS is the most cost-effective online assessment software in comparison with other similar solutions made available by our competitors. The features, benefits, and advantages make the SmartOAS a value for money and win-win solution.

Powerful Features

White-labeled software

SmartOAS is a white-labeled software which can easily integrate with your individual brand and work as personal software for your clients.

Maintain your question bank

Maintain your question bank as per your convenience and create & schedule the tests by using questions from the question bank.

Synchronized Processing

Very easy to use with proper flow of information and synchronized processing of data.

Data Storage and Security

Ensures highest industry standards in data storage and security of your personal data.

Competition Ready

You can also make public tests for your registered users to make them competition ready.

Different result layout

Each exam/test/assessment program can have a different result layout according to its purpose.

Easy to manage

It is very easy to keep your question bank updated as per your curriculum with SmartOAS.

Different user groups

Arranges the students in different user groups as per their multiple batches.


Also assists you in pre-scheduling your online exams and timely assessments as per your convenience.

Personalized certification programs

Also manages the different personalized certification programs for your students.

Visual representation

Detailed, analytical and visual representation of your results in minimal time.

Responsive web design

Complete responsive so you can make it compatible on any device i.e. – PC, laptop, tablets & smartphones.

Excellent Profile Management

An exceedingly excellent User profile management tool helps in HR operations and candidate engagement.

Complements HR processes

Helps in making the bridge between the HR activities and your organizational goals.

Different analytical reports

Shows the different analytical reports with different access levels.

User-friendly interface

Reports are available in user-friendly interfaces & easily understandable manner.

Data security

Complete data security for your student's data, question bank, exam results, and other related information details.

Cost effective

SmartOAS is the most cost-effective online assessment software in comparison with other similar solutions.