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Go through the most execptional features of this Smart Online Assessment System. Here we are introducing the details of he Features with the benefits and advantages with them.

Modules access management

The SmartOAS provide a versatile interface with a un-crackable mechanism to assign different permissions to different user roles on minimal clicks. Currently, the users can have one of the 4 different user roles assigned:

  • Master
  • Facutly
  • Candidate
  • Demo

The master user can change the access permissions for any other users as per their policy and strategy. That too with a very easy and quick Interface.


Our test creator interface allows the users to create new tests or update existing unused test with a variety of features. You can create many tests with the same questions and subjects with different test rules which serves many purposes of any organization or institute.

The test attempt interface of our SmartOAS is also always ready with the instruction for the tests based on the rules specified while creating the test in Test Creator.


A Question bank of different subjects can be created and managed/maintained easily in this SmartOAS. The questions of all the supported question types can be easily created and imported to add in the question bank.


Under Question Management in SmartOAS the user can add/edit multiple types of questions in the system with multiple content types i.e. text, images etc. Even user can also import a bunch of questions for different question type through an excel file in seconds.

While importing questions through an excel file our system supports fast upload & accurate validation of data being imported through the import questions interface. It also returns the invalid data with the instructions for improving/altering the invalid question data.


When it comes to an exam, the security of data is one of the most expected & desired features. In that, we have applied a mechanism to secure the test data whether it is related to the test settings, questions or Results. We created a sensitive system which can smell any malicious efforts done by any user and restrict them to do that. Some of these are listed below:

  • Restricted the Copy & Paste during test attempt.
  • Secured each session with unique Key.
  • Top level SSL to apply encryption of data while transferring over Internet.
  • And many more.


In our SmartOAS we have an interface through which the profile of each registered member/user can be shown to the master/faculty users, based on the access permission assigned to their user role. Following activities can easily be done through this interface:

  • Edit personal detail.
  • Add/Edit/Delete educational details.
  • Add/Edit/Delete Training details.
  • Change the status of user account (Active/Inactive/etc.)

User Groups Management

In SmartOAS we have a mechanism for creating and managing multiple user groups. These user groups can have multiple users associated with it and a single user can be associated with multiple user groups. These groups can be used for:

  • Assigning a particular test.
  • Send Notification or E-mailers.


Result Declaration

While creating a test your result declaration strategy can be defined based on your choice for the test. You can set the declare result like below:

  • Don't declare
  • Declare result immediately after completion of exam.
  • Declare result at a later time manually.
  • Declare result on specific time.

Result display access levels

While creating a test result display strategies can also be defined with following options:

  • Show overall result only.
  • Include subject wise performance detail.
  • Include subject & question wise performance detail.
  • Allow user to review Questions and Answers.

Result types

The results of a test can be evaluated in following two patterns.

  • Grading
  • Percentage

Show Result in

The results can be shown in two measures in the SmartOAS.

  • Percentage
  • Marks