For HR & Recruitment Agencies

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For HR & Recruitment Agencies

SmartOAS for HR companies & recruitment agencies

Helps in assessing the skills of existing employees and the potential candidates applying for a job vacancy.

SmartOAS is online test-taking software which is so user-friendly and it is very simple to use the software without any need of special end-user training. This quiz taking software help you in conducting professional assessments as per your own convenience. SmartOAS has many benefits for HR companies and recruitment agencies, like:

  • SmartOAS provides the open registration facility of the candidates applying for the job.
  • SmartOAS also provides the marks and score setting facility for each of the questions asked in a test series automatically.
  • Instructors can also manage the information of candidates under different appropriate categories.
  • All the data is completely password protected and free from unauthorized access. Instructors can send push notifications to the registered users.
  • In SmartOAS you can easily create a backup by taking essential data into excel or CSV.
  • Instructors can upload any number of questions in a question set. Images and some other graphics can also be added into the questions.
  • The questions can be easily uploaded in bulk quantity or one by one manually with the answers. Shuffling of questions are done to stop candidates from cheating.
  • All the evaluators can be assigned a definite time interval to evaluate the fixed number of answer sheets.
  • The overall marks and results of the candidates are gained instantly after ending the test accordingly predefined parameters.
  • As the candidate answers the questions, the questions alongside the answers are stored in the database for review.
  • SmartOAS is helpful in customer feedback, employee satisfaction and preparing effective MIS reports.
  • Administrators can create many short and long term tests to assess the competencies of their employees.
  • Assure fair assessments of each candidate by eliminating the scope of manipulation.
  • This also indicates the high standards of professionalism is being followed in the organization.