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How to create a private test and assigned it to all the eligible users only in the SmartOAS system?

Why: This type of tests are created and are assigned to the users, those who are eligible for the test. This type of test is visible to those only who have fulfilled the eligibility criteria, set at the time of test creation. 

Steps (Create Private Test -  All Eligible users only):

  1.  Repeat the same procedure of creating a test and in it select the test type as 'Private'.
  2.  An eligibility criteria form will appear with the following fields listed below:
    1. 'Accessibility'
    2. 'Test List To' (select 'All Eligible users only' from the select box),
    3. 'User Minimum Age',
    4. 'User Minimum Qualification',
    5. 'User Maximum Qualification',
    6. 'Sub Qualification Type List',
    7. 'User Groups List',
    8. 'Training Certificate List',
  3.  Fill all the required fields and properly follow the eligible criteria.
  4. Reset of the procedure is the same. Repeat them and then save the test.
  5.  Now navigate to 'Tests > Test List' from the sidebar to see the test.