Online exam taking is different from the traditional routine that many students are used to during any kind of examination, whether it is a simple quiz or an important test that is required to pass a class for a degree or get certified for a new career. Before you can ace an online exam, you have to know how to study online. Online exams often test more than just a basic understanding of the subject matter because the professor knows that students can just look up any information that they have forgotten. Online exams test a deeper knowledge of the subject matter and often require more in-depth answers, so in many ways they can actually be more difficult.

If you don't know how to take an online exam, and you are planning on taking one soon, the first step should be to get a good feeling for the type of test questions you can expect and the set-up of the examination. This means answering some simple questions. Will the exam be timed? Will questions be in multiple choice, short answer or essay format, or in some combination thereof? Will you have to site your resources? What kind of subject matter will be covered in this exam? Once you have answered all these questions, then you can begin studying, if you haven't already.


Whether your test is timed or not, you'll want to have a broad understanding of the subject matter, so you won't have to waste too much time looking up information. Even if the exam isn't timed you still don't want to waste time, after all. You also want to have all the resources ready when you sit down in front of your computer to take the exam. If you think you may need to reference certain pieces of information, make sure those pages are marked and the information is easy to find. You may also want to get advice from anyone in the class who is experienced with online exam taking.

If you know how to study online and you are prepared, you should be able to relax and breeze through test day.