Online exam software is changing the face of education today. These exam systems are making examinations simpler and stress-free not just for the test takers but also for those who set them up. Cutting exam set-up times, slashing costs, increasing access to larger populations, these are few of the amazing reasons why we should switch to online exam software systems.


Allow us to convince you of these 5 great reasons alone. 
1. Exams are stress-free, and happen over a cup of tea

Gone are the days when nervous students thronged exam halls to take a test. Online exam software today make sure that tests can be done at the student’s comfort. Anyone can now give their mid-term physics paper while sipping a cuppa. Now that is a revolution on a computer screen. Online exams are not stressful and what’s more, they increase the accessibility of examination to those with accessibility challenges.

2. Cuts administrative costs 

The logistics of setting up an exam have become very easy. Once the subject expert sets the questions, anyone with basic knowledge can convert it into an online exam. No printing, no booking exam venues, no exam communication issue, no routing answer papers. Practically zero administration. Online exam software makes easy and cheap set up possible.  One can cut administrative costs by 50-60%, if not more. Online exam software makes it possible to conduct large scale exams simultaneously. Two people sitting in two different countries can give the same exam in two different languages at the same time. All this is possible without huge administrative headaches. We only have online exam software to thank for this boon.

3. It can integrate all kinds of questions

Fancy setting a test with multiple choice, essays, a game style level-based quiz, all in one? Sure thing. Online exam software makes it possible to integrate all possible formats. No longer does an instructor need to restrict themselves to plain Jane MCQ style questions.  The subject expert or instructor can devise the best method of determining the student’s understanding. All thanks to online exam software!

4. Highly secure yet simple

Remember the high security around exam papers? Now save the security set up for banks. Exam papers no longer need strong rooms. Online exam software allows you to customize different levels of security. They can also be programmed to authenticate only the valid students as test takers. And setting up this highly secure system is a matter of great simplicity.

5. It saves trees!

No more papers flooding the exam halls. These online exam systems reduce paper usage. It can even do away with paper completely. Imagine the green cover we save by using these simple online exam software. Isn’t that a great reason in itself to switch to an online examination software system? 
Do away with old school examinations. Let us revolutionize the exam system and usher in a new era of education by switching to online exam software.