Steps (Manage Preferences for test module):

  1.  Navigate to ‘Prefernces’ from the sidebar.
  2.  A new page will be opened, click on the 'Test' tab.
  3.  Will see a form containing the following fields:
    1. 'Attempt counts allowed',
    2. 'Assigned Marks For Test',
    3. 'Duration',
    4. 'Question Picking',
    5. 'Validity',
    6. 'Result Type,
    7. 'Result Display',
    8. 'Revisiting questions',
    9. 'Exam Security',
    10. 'Assign Certificate',
    11. 'Show Result In',
    12. 'Test available till',
    13. 'Test Type',
    14. 'Negative Marking',
    15. 'Result Declaration'.
  4. Fill all the fields as per your requirement and then click on the 'Update' button.